The Cracker Club

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DISCLAIMER: This club has no racist affiliations or motives, the name is simply a coincidence.


During "Movie Night" on Friday, June 16th, 2017, at Louisiana State University (Term One) four TiPsters by the names of; Garrett Hughes, Hannah Peña, Cole Elliot, and Faith Avila; shared one sleeve of saltine crackers. This was the beginning of "The Cracker Club". These four friends formed an unbreakable bond through the means of the salty snack, and once the knowledge of the elite club spread, the group, and the obsession with saltine crackers, grew.


There were only two tradition created by the founding four members; "The Saltine Cracker Challenge" and "Family Tots/Fries". "The Saltine Cracker Challenge" consists of placing as many saltine crackers in one's mouth, then eating the crackers without any water or other beverages. The second tradition, "Family Tots/Fries", is the tradition of all members must sit together at lunch to share a plate, or basket, of tater tots/french fries.

Additionally another tradition was created later on in the term. It was called the "Cracker Kiss". It consisted of two people biting into the same saltine cracker and having their lips meet in the middle. First Done by Garrett Hughes and Faith Avila

The Cracker Club Box is a to-go box that stored food for class that day. Faith Avila added an art design to the top that read "Property of The Cracker Club" all the members then signed the box. Garrett Hughes currently has the box and plans on passing it down next year.

Original Members

Garrett Hughes

Hannah Peña

Faith Avila

Cole Elliot

Madison Coleman

Katherine Ross

Annette Velasco

Mabry Smyer

Isabella Giusti

Lila Grandle