The Double Wedding

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Duke Tip East Term 1 2017


Trinity Thompson and Naren Vazrala

They were both in "Dictators, Kings, and CEOs: The Evolution of Empire" and oh my gosh they could not stop flirting. From passing the football from across the quad, to chugging chocolate milk (and Trinity winning), they are so cute together! Honestly, no one saw this going this far. We all thought they were good friends, but now they're getting married!!

Quotes from Naren to Trinity:

"Trinidaddy is the only daddy I need."

"She's flatter than Florida."

Mophia: Nobody really knows when Mophia came along but it was towards the beginning of tip. It contains Mitch Porter and Sophia Pan. They were in the same class as Narenity, and everyone could tell this was a perfect realtiontip. There wedding will be held the same time as Narenitys.

The Wedding will be held on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 on Houseparty.