The Dying Tradition of Frisbee

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The Dying Tradition of Frisbee

It is a sad fact, but is very true. Our TIPlong tradition of Ultimate Frisbee and just frisbee in general is a dying tradition. At UGA, term 2 2011, during free time, people would rather stay inside and hang out with friends instead of bringing friends outside to play frisbee. During break, we all sit inside on Facebook instead of going outside to play frisbee. They use the "But I suck" excuse over and over, and that is the reason. Well, also the growth of Lacrosse and Football over the love of frisbee at TIP. Proof that people have stopped caring about frisbee is during our student vs. staff game with all 2/3/4th years, we lost 11-1 and staff didn't have to try very hard. In the second game, 4th years vs. staff, it was way more competitive, with the 4th years pulling away with an 8-6 victory. This generation of 4th years is the last diehard generation of frisbee players, and we need to resurrect the tradition to full force. I personally ask all TIPsters to go home and practice frisbee nonstop and get good, so it doesn't die out due to lack of interest or skill.

[edit: That is because you went to UGA... come to Duke East and you will see that frisbee is definitely not dying]

                                                                           -Cameron Robertson

I wholeheartedly disagree with this. The tradition isn't dying, it's merely situationally dying. There was a generation at UGA that didn't want to play frisbee, but that doesn't mean it's dead.

Football? over Frisbee? Are you kidding me?! This is TIP, nerds play frisbee. I don't think the TIPsters of UGA drank enough water and the heat got to them

There were several reasons that the staff beat the students 11-1. The first was that the there were to many 2 and 3 years that wanted to play and most of them were not that good at Frisbee. The second reason was that the good players who where 2 and 3 years did not get that much of an opportunity to play.

Also, you couldn't sign up for ultimate as an evening activity and people from 4-5 were busy playing ERS.