The Fabulous Brown Body Crayon Extravaganza

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This event transpired during freetime on a day after quadfest. Jakob, Camila, Matt, Kate and Nicole(all 3rd years) were chilling in Brown commons. (Matt and Kate lived in Pegram however) They found a stash of 3 nearly new, amazing body crayons. There was a blue, yellow and white crayon. Until dinner, the intrepid group drew away, creating artistic masterpieces and some vulgar sketches on each others bodies. Matt was gifted with a yellow Parasaurolophus on the back of his neck as well as a white platypus with the appropriate caption of "platypus" on his forearm (both from Kate). Kate received an amazing recreation of Sarah Palin shooting a moose and some random marks on her face, courtesy of Jakob as well as an unsubmerged yellow submarine in the ocean on her shoulder thanks to Matt. Nicole had party written on her thigh with an arrow pointing up, Matt was responsible. Camila mainly got smily faces and penises drawn pretty much everywhere. (someone who knows put what Jakob had) It was a fantastic time, filling the hour of fun before dinner with laughter and color. However it is probaly not sanitary to use random bodycrayons you find on the floor of a common room.