The Fence

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The Fence is an idea created by three TiPsters (Garrett Seeger, Champ Warren, and Matthew "Dutch" Imiolek) in the Cold War: From Allies to Adversaries class at Rice Term II, 2014.

In a group project where the class had to create the ideal community, Garrett, Champ, and Dutch created a highly technological society dependent on a master computer. The group decided (through the use of Google to run their society) to basically farm and recruit Control Group to live there. In a representation not drawn to scale, the group explained how through the use of The Fence and the stupidity of the population, no one would ever be allowed to escape; not even through the river.

The group when on to describe their 'foreign policy' (pretty much just bombing the crap out of others with both nuclear weapons and fence bombs) and later respective members of the group were known to favor the use of atomic warfare in any and all other class activities. For example, Garrett and Dutch were Somalian cave dwelling oil hoarders who, somehow, reached the decision to bomb the 'U.S.' which lead to the destruction of the human race.

It was a highly flawed plan that induced many laughs, many inside jokes, and the agreement to never nominate Garrett, Champ, or Dutch into positions of high authority.

(not drawn to scale)