The Friendship Club

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The friendship club was formed in the first week of Term I at Duke East (2013). Its members included: Elyse Carley, Jesie Felipe, Zach Toole, Skippy I (Harry) Adams, Claire Berlinger, Patty Ploehn, Olivia Savage, Jackson (the third year one), Shelby Marquardt, Joseph Cantu, Alexa Chang, and eventually, many more.


During free time one day, the original members of the friendship club were clogging the hallway up on the second floor of Alspaugh. Due to the hilarity and genius of our conversations, our brain-to-mouth filters were getting a little lax, and a few f-bombs were dropped. From down the hallway, an RC reminded us to 'keep our language tippropriate,' at which point someone pitched in with, "Yeah, guys! The only f-word we should be using is FRIENDSHIP!" And thus, the friendship club was born.



We took great joy in stopping people as they tried to edge around our hallway conglomeration and asking them if they wanted to join the friendship club. They'd generally agree, and try to edge away before our crazy rubbed off on them, and we'd collapse in fits of giggles. Needless to say, our numbers grew. (So in case you were in on the madness and I forgot your name, either add it in or yell at me on facebook or skype or something and i'll apologize profusely and add you.- Claire) We also enjoyed replacing the f-word with 'friendship.' "You guys wanna friendship?" "I want to friendship you so hard right now." "Do you prefer monogamous friendship, or are you cool with multiple friends?" "Look at all the friendships I give." and on occasion, "Go friendship yourself!" This lead to much confusion among those not in-the-know(for some reason), and much latent non-tipropriateness on our part.

Pegram Bench

This was the year that the 4th years were in Alspaugh, and the Basset bench was constantly overridden with (privileged)second years, so The Friendship Club commandeered Pegram bench and took refuge there. Aside from capturing the derpy fireflies (courtesy of Claire and a few helpful second years), we held these sort of... group counseling sessions. We'd sit around on Pegram bench like a nerdy gang, listen to Skippy I (Harry)'s obscure music and talk about our problems. So much stuff was talked about there, and so much stuff will stay there, and many, many tears were shed. We became a family there; a giant, friendshipping family.