The Gala Song

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"The Gala Song" is a song that two Davidson Term II 2011 TIPsters created about a girl that their friend took to the dance. This song could be recognized as the most unTIPpropriate song that a TIPster has ever created. While this song started a hatred against these song writers, it also opened up a door for everyone to think more openly. Although it was not performed often, the song can be seen as a symbol of 3rd Floor Sentelle during the time.

The History of the Song

One afternoon, during free time, two epic men Tommy Bui and Clayton Delp came together with their guitars and made up a song. This song was for their hopeless romantic friend, Malcolm Landrieu. This was the recipe for a sex sammich. Tommy and Clayton were like John and Paul when it came to song writing. Tommy spat out continuous smart and extremely sexual lines such as: Gala, your hair is just like silk; Every time I think of you, I spill my milk. Clayton, however, created more practical and normal verses full of clever non-sexual lines. Clayton also created the choruses which is what the song is known for. After collaborating the work of art, the two wrote down the lyrics on a notebook that Clayton currently has, only he knows all the lyrics of the song. Gala heard from someone that the two wrote the song and because she thought of him as a stalker and did not mean to start a relationtip with him, so then she broke up with Malcolm (because she thought Malcolm wrote it)and she was pissed. She also thought the song contained many of Tommy's extremely crude lines which Clayton left out. After learning that Gala was mad, Tommy and Clayton added a couple verses stating that Malcolm did not write the song and the two wrote it instead. On the last Friday, Tommy and Clayton both played "The Gala Song" to Gala and Tommy's date, Alex. Gala loved the song because by then she forgot about Malcolm. In fact, she was in hysterics the whole time. Tommy and Clayton's mission was complete: to make Gala like "The Gala Song". Tommy plans to add on to "The Gala Song" next year at Duke East Term II with Clayton. Clayton accepts this request.

The Chords

The chords used in this song were pretty simple. It is the same chord progression used by many music artists: I,V,VIm,IV or D,A,Bm,G. This theory was also brought up at the talent show with Evan, Art and Donald. Sometimes Clayton would freestyle and make this tune more sex like. The chorus chords are only known by Clayton. Tommy would stare with his mouth open while playing the chorus.

The Lyrics

verse 1

C: Gala, your name is like an apple, cause your the apple of my eye

T: Gala, so sweet like german pastry, oh you, you are so tasty...

C: Gala, you kinda smell like cardboard, but I love you anyway

T: Gala, theres bubbles in my hair, but you take my troubles away

verse 2

T: Gala, your hair is just like silk, and Gala you make me spill my milk

C: Gala, I keep your picture in a box, and Gala your as fantastic as Mr fox

T: Gala, this song will go on youtube, and Gala, this song will get a million views

C: Gala, we swear Malcom wrote this song, and Gala, just listen to the sound of the bongos...

bongo solo on Tommy's guitar

chorus 1

C: Oh and Gala... When you go to bed, just remember that I'm watching you with the SIX DOLLAR BINOCULARS I BOUGHT... at CVS...

verse 3

T: Gala, I have trouble sleeping at night

C: Cause Gala, Dylan and Adam couldn't treat you right

T: Gala, don't form a relationTIP with them

C: Especially not with both of them, cause that would be kind of weir-ir-ird

chorus 1

chorus 2

C: Oh Gala, during free time in the computer lab, I searched your name on google images...

All: With the SAFE-SEARCH OFF!

last part, slow

C: Gala, well you might not be the best girl in the world-


Omitted Lines There is only one known line that was left out of the writing, which happened to be the same line that prompted to two evil female spies to tattle to Gala: (By Tommy of course) "Gala, I keep your picture in a box... And Gala, when I think of you, I reach for my tube socks!"