The Golden Trio

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The Golden Trio consists of three members: Yasmine Ruiz, Alex Tummon, and Rachael Johnson. All three attended Psychology at Davidson Term 1. They always eat lunch together by the windows in Vail, at the three-seater tables. Lunch usually consists of wraps (all three), Cheerwine (Rachael), Alex's trendsetting cheese and carrots mix, and Powerade mixed with salt, brownies, and pepper (Yasmine). This led to a variety of inside jokes listed below. Yasmine and Alex talk a lot about certain boys, TiP memories, and millions of hilarious and crazy Harry Potter theories.


Raping the wrap- Yasmine

"Did you like your milkshake, Chris?" - Yasmine

"Chris liked my milkshake more" - Alex

The Sports Camp/Boyfriend song - Yasmine

The Rachael dance - Rachael

The Alex dance - Alex


Fan-girling over Ginger Peeta, Buzzcut Kid (that was mainly Alex), Backflip Kid, and a certain TA - All three


When Chris, Alex, and Yasmine were sleeping on the floor and Chris beat his chest like a gorilla. This led to Alex and Yasmine giggling like maniacs and wrestling. Nobody knows to this day exactly what Chris was doing. Alex and Yasmine both have very inTIPpropriate theories.

The Bathroom Incident!!

Chris walking into the milkshake store just as Yasmine goes, "Chris. Head. Head. HEAD."

Watching Talladega Nights with Chris! Definitely inTIPpropriate...:)

Looking up random Harry Potter facts on the computers when we're supposed to be researching. (This was kind of research, Alex and Yasmine were doing a psychological analysis of Voldemort as their big project.)

Being a certain TA's personal cheering section during Ultimate Frisbee.

Breaking up of the Golden Trio

It has been confirmed that Alex and Yasmine will both be going to Duke East Term I, but Rachael is attending Term II due to travel complications. This tragedy will be remedied in the summer of 2014 and the Golden Trio will reunite and become the greatest 3rd and 4th years to ever grace the halls of Duke East Term I.