The Great Coincidence

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Once upon a time there were two people, David and Katy. They were all like happy flirty and stuffs. (they met at tip four months earlier (july) than they started being flirty and stuffs (november).) Two months after they were all flirty and stuffs(january), David made a bad mistake and made out with a girl in an elevator named Kevin (the elevator was named kevin, not the girl) on a cruise. He barely knew her. Her name was Christine. After that happened, he didn't talk to her again because he felt bad for hurting Katy. (or at least he said that) Then (ferbruary), Katy and David started dating long distance yay everything was happy. Then they broke up boo sad (april). Then, during tip that year (june) Katy met a girl named Christine in her RC group. Christine mentioned something about seeing a guy here that she had met previously on a cruise. Katy then freaked out because she knew what had happened. Then, Christine and Katy came to be good friends and Katy and David got back together until Christine did something mean and then they secretly hated each other for the rest of eternity. Yay! -note: david and katy broke up one more time after that, then got back together, then broke up for forever and they are never ever getting back together ever. woot.