The Great Tide Pod War

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The Great Tide Pod War (Also referred to as "Tide Pod Dodgeball) was a fight between the 4th year boys living on . The war took place during Term II 2019, after RAG meetings and before lights out on July 24, 2019. Originally, the fight broke out between Alex and Will, who got a Tide Pod thrown at him for talking on the phone with his girlfriend in the hall. After a couple of volleys, Teddy noticed, and challenged Alex to a game of "Tide Pod Dodgeball." Before long, other people began to notice and participate. Pandemonium ensued.

Notable Events

The first notable event of the war was when Alex was cornered in the hallway occupied by RC Nate's RAG. Throwing a pod at Wally, it missed, hitting Nate's door, and popping. This was the first Tide Pod to pop, but many more would follow.

The Second notable event was when RC Ren walked into the hall from downstairs. Teddy was the first one to notice, and warned everyone to stop throwing pods. It seemed as if the war had ended, but as soon as Ren was gone, momentum slowly began to pick up again.

Before the war ended, Alex put a pod under running water for ten seconds and attempted to throw it like a grenade into the laundry room, however the tide popped in his hand while he was throwing, and instead landed on the floor at his feet with detergent sprayed everywhere, Notably on Will's phone.

Some notable hits include Wally hitting Teddy in the leg, Teddy hitting Alex in the face, and then a tide pod popping on Nate’s door.

At the end of the war, Alex went back to clean up the detergent left on and around RC Nate's door, which had only gotten worse since the first tide pod that had exploded.


Confirmed participants include:

  • Alex
  • Will (although not as an instigator)
  • Teddy
  • Wally
  • Luka
  • Tyler W

This is an incomplete list. If you or someone you know is excluded, feel free to add your names.


  • Miles as a reporter
  • Corey as a camera man