The Infamous Trio

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The Infamous Trio was formed at Duke West 2009 term 1 by a hipster tipsterl, Carly Bloomfeld, and Jesse Hevia, or more fondly known in the TiP Rap as "xxxxxx, Jessay, and Carlay." a hipster tipster and Jesse were second years in the same RAG and Carly was a third year who was friends with a hipster tipster prior to arriving at TiP. a hipster tipster and Jesse shared an unusually strong TiPster bond their previous year at Davidson term 1, mainly over fear of a certain Blank, and were delighted to discover that they would once again be in the same RAG. It became apparent from almost the first day that they would be arguably the best trio in TiP West history when Carly and Jesse joined a hipster tipster as she unpacked her underwear and they created a special chant "thongthongthongnonthongnonthongthongthongthongthongSNEAKER." Incidents like this happened regularly when they were together, most notably the run-in with Andy's boys, normally known as The derp squad. a hipster tipster and Jesse were practicing their TiP rap while Carly listened and criticized what was undoubtedly the worst beatboxing ever performed when all of a sudden The Derp Squad. ran by pretending to be dinosaurs. They had tied their jackets around their arms to contribute to their dinosaurus appearance. After insane fits of laughter from The Infamous Trio, The derp squad returned running with boxes on their heads.