The Jesus People

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Wake Forest Term II The Jesus People were a large group of Christians ages maybe 40-75. They were always laughing, always smiling, always chatting with each other. There wasn't a huge problem with them except for the fact that there were so many of them that it was hard to find a nice table to eat at in "the pit" (the dining area at Wake Forest) without a rainbow binder at it. We all got along fine basically just ignoring each other until one day: One tipster was proud of their sexual orientation so they decided to wear their lovely pride flag to dinner one day. Now the Jesus people had a problem with this, so they went up to the Speculative Fiction TA, Anna and said something along the lines of, "you should tell these children that gay is a sin. A man who loves another man shall be stoned. Also this rainbow thing, mmm yeah. The gays need to give the rainbow back to Jesus." Now instead of this act offending us tipsters, it amused us. Some of us were Christians, but we were accepting of gay Christians. Some of the tipsters took it upon themselves to have loud conversations about gays and gay rights and rainbows and gays and Jesus accepting everyone and gay very near the Jesus people and the Jesus people did nothing!!! I mean, we kept doing this because it was normal though. I found out that gay rights is a very common conversation topic at duke tip. Anyways, time passed, things went pretty much back to normal, we got used to the Jesus people. Then ONE DAY, the Jesus people decided to bring their own food to the pit and, any of them were wearing RAINBOW APRONS, so many tipsters took it upon themselves to have even LOUDER conversations about gay rights and compliment the "gayprons" the people were wearing. It was very fun, the tipsters were having their last hurrah against the homophobic people, after all, it was the second to last day at tip. It was the end of the world as we knew it. Why not make it fun? That's the last I remember the Jesus people. Bless their rainbow lanyards. Just a btw, this wasn't meant to offend anyone, just to amuse them. I'm sorry if I did offend you in any way.