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The KKKKK, also known as 5K and/or the Kool Kids Kard Klub Kult, was a group of friends at Rice Term 2 2019 who created the Dakota petition and got together to play cards and hang out. One of the more common games they played was called Truth Or Card. In this game, everybody would draw a single card and the highest card would ask a question to everyone, or dare the lowest card. Members were always very accepting of anybody who wanted to play, as long as they followed the one rule of the KKKKK - no judgement. It's a free space where anybody can say anything. Some of the places they frequented were lounge 3A, room 322,[REDACTED], and lounge 3D.

OGs: Chad (Shatz), Zoe Chang, Emma Coronado, Kaylinn, Austin Nguyen,

High Priests: Zoe Chang, Allison Orozco, Sophie Altizer, Andrei Vernon, Emma Coronado, Chad (Shatz), Alex Kim, Adele Wan, Austin Nguyen, Andres Mauco, Alec Vazquez