The Legendary RC Dev

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This page is about the legendary RC Dev. His RC group lived in the basement of Collins Hall, in Wake Forest University, in the summer of 2016. Dev's RC group was called "Team Dev"...a very creative name indeed. His group had a chant for him to herald his greatness. It went something like this "Dev! Dev! Dev! Dev! Dev! Dev!...". Team Dev probably had the most fun out of all the RC groups at WFU, and it was because thy had the best possible RC to ever serve Duke TIP, Dev. His group jammed to people like Drake, Snoop Dogg, Future, and other glorious rappers with him. One of those glorious rappers would have to be Dev himself, also known as "Devbino Papi." A few of Dev's kids were obsessed with DJ Khaled, and one around saying things like, "Say my name Baby, Another One, DJ KHALED!!!, and We the best music!!," so Dev, on his day off, printed off DJ Khaled quotes and stuck them to our doors. this was just one of the cool things he did for us. The Greatest of the quotes would have to be, "The key to success is to have a lot of pillows, a lot!" Dev played basketball, football kickball, soccer, and frisbee with us too. He made us feel at home, even though some us were 1,500 miles away from home. Everyone had there opinions of the legendary Dev. All of which were good. Dev was described as, "Dope, ill, legit, cool, great, and (of course since it is part of his name) legendary. Team Dev might have taken advantage of Dev's being chill by slightly, minutely, partially, almost, destroying Dev's reputation by doing the following.

    • Breaking the Ceiling
    • Breaking the Microwave
    • Breaking the Window
    • Almost breaking the window again
    • Chanting "Dev!" really loudly in the dining hall
    • Lighting fire to the basement kitchen
    • Playing music that Neff didn't like
    • Saying that our favorite part of the day was, "Breakfast with Dev before he left us for his day off."

And Dev was so cool, that after destroyed his reputation, he still wasn't mad at us. Dev like his kids based on which rappers they liked. If you didn't like Rick Ross, you were a nobody. All jokes aside, Dev liked everyone and was the coolest RC that anyone could ask for. Dev was in fact so chill, that we gave him the name, "The legendary RC Dev." Dev, being a Floridian, liked a variety of sports teams from Miami and Tampa bay. To show our appreciation for Dev, we got him a Tampa Bay Super Bowl edition hat. All in all, Dev was the coolest RC that Team Dev could have ever had, and Team Dev had a lot of fun at Duke TIP at WFU because of him. The last supper with Team Dev where "Sweet Home Alabama" was played on repeat was a memory that will last forever. Thanks Dev! ~ Team Dev