The Mafia

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Hannah Wyatt's RAG Duke East Term 2 2012

This name was chosen because on day one, this group of 12 girls played the game Mafia. Wyatt came up with death stories about TiPsters breaking rules and being killed by the Mafia as a punishment. The story that was frequently refered to was the Mafia on the roof. Helping this was the fact that constuction workers were often seen on the roof of the building next to Pegram. If a member of the RAG was late for something, it could be assumed the Mafia was the reason.

Superlatives in the term book included things such as "Most likely to be in a Mafia make out circle" and "Most likely to be killed by the Mafia but remain cute".

The Mafia came in third place in the competition held for Brian's birthday, partnered with Adam's RAG