The Maggie Bench

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Maggie Bench.jpeg 


Located at DUML, this bench is a social spot for all. Tipsters, RCs, TAs, and staff alike all gather here during their stay on the Marine Lab campus. This bench is also the spot many go for private talks where they typically won't be interrupted despite the location being in the quad. The bench is more commonly used as a hang out spot during class breaks and right before in-hall time at night. It’s also a really good tanning spot. No one knows who the elusive Maggie is or why the bench is named after her. Even people who have been at the Lab for years have forgotten the legend (which is only what The Maggie could be at this point). Questions are still asked but never answered. In the 2017 term, a tipster by the name of Maggie Yu was ecstatic yet confused on why there was a bench named after her until we finally convinced her the bench was not made for her.

The bench is cute nonetheless and is a good spot for pictures, but be aware: wasps like to make the bench their home as well. In the 2018 term, multiple guys and one girl was stung after sitting on the bench on class breaks. Evenings are the best time to avoid getting stung.