The Morgan Free Women

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The Morgan Free Women (Morgan's RAG) was a second-year girls' RAG at East Term 1. We were by far the best RAG (an opinion that may not be shared by the people who had to listen to our endless singing in the hallway and to Yoon's infamous whale noises). We were also one of the stranger RAGs, and that is seriously saying something. We were "The Morgan Free Women" because, in our termbook page, we had nicknames for everyone, written like this: First Name "Nickname" Last Name. Morgan's last name is Mann, so her nickname was "Free," which made her name Morgan "Free" Mann (Morgan Freeman). Ridiculous? Yes. Hilarious? Definitely (at least we thought so). So the heading at the top of the page was "The Morgan Free Women."


  • Yoon "Yoonicorn" Jo
  • Maisie "Daisy Head Maisie" Melton
  • Sylvia "Jelly Bean" Ebenbach
  • Ruby "Terminator" Liang
  • Delaney "Pinky-Pie" Fulmer
  • Becca "Captain Ship" Markovsky
  • Mackie "Mackiemore" Clarke
  • Rachel "Rapunzel" Conley
  • Sunny "Sunny D" Reddy
  • Vi "For Vendetta" Burgess
  • And, of course, Morgan "Free" Mann, the best RC ever.
  • And let's not forget our honorary members: Henry, Sage, and Michael. They are awesome, and they are also deeply disturbed for willingly hanging out with us.

TIPSync and Talent Show Performances

  • Our RAG's performances (if you can even call them that) in TIPSync and the talent show were...interesting, to say the least. In TIPSync, the majority of the RAG acted as fangirls for the fake One Direction (known as "Wrong Direction"). There was a lot of screaming. Bo also infamously dressed in drag and was a fangirl as well. In the talent show, most of the RAG, along with Jessica, Maria, Jana, and Sage, were backup dancers for the Prince Ali dance. Stripes was the genie, Ali was (of course) Prince Ali, and Mackie was Jasmine. (This was awesome, because Mackie and Ali later ended up being in a RelationTIP. They were utterly adorable.) Alena was also supposed to be a backup dancer, but she got hurt and was replaced by Rachel.

Memorable Quotes

  • "My lover, my life, my shawty, my wife, you are so divine, my beloved Cheerwine." -Yoon (the beginning of a poem she wrote about her love of Cheerwine)
  • "Why are you interested in my undergarments???" -Delaney
  • "Taylor Hautner is so lot." -Sunny
  • "EeeuuuuuggghhhhAAAAAUUUUGGGHHHHooooooohhhhhhhAAAAAAAAEEEUUUUGGGHHoooooooouuuugghhh." -Yoon (her signature noise, known as "whale noises," although it also kinda sounded like someone giving birth.)
  • "I love your umbrella!" -Mackie (to Ali) (she didn't actually say "umbrella," although that was what she meant to say. I'm not gonna write what she actually said, because it's not TIPpropriate.)
  • "I don't like eating bananas because it looks awkward." -Ruby

Favorite Activities of the Members of Our RAG

  • Buying too many Starbucks drink thingies at the store below the Marketplace
  • Hanging out on Bassett bench and irritating the fourth years who were trying to reclaim/make out on said bench
  • Talking about our body image issues (I think almost everyone in the RAG called themselves fat/ugly several times during the term, followed by much protesting from their RAG-mates. "God, I'm fat." "Oh my gosh, no you're not. I am!" -any pair of girls from our RAG)
  • Drinking Cheerwine (especially Yoon), making awkward comments about Cheerwine (again, especially Yoon, although we all did this), and performing Cheerwine ceremonies in order to appease the Cheerwine gods (Yoon, Maisie, and sometimes Rachel)
  • Telling awkward stories when Henry was in the room and probably scarring him for life (sorry, Henry)
  • Torturing our RAG-mates about who they liked (Sylvia and Sunny especially enjoyed this)
  • Eating food (ice cream, bananas, pasta, Popsicles) very, very awkwardly (Sylvia, Rachel, Ruby, Vi, and sometimes Sunny and Yoon--everyone else just watched and laughed in a somewhat horrified manner)
  • Crying at the end of TIP (and crying...and crying...and crying)