The Most Amazing 2nd Years to Ever Grace The Halls of Alspaugh

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They're just that Amazing

TiP, as all Tipsters know, is amazing. All Tipsters are amazing, but there are those who stand above the rest. They show spirit, leadership, and natural amazingness. At Duke East Term I 2010, some pretty amazing TiPsters stepped foot on the campus, and no one could help but stop and stare. Maybe it was their good looks, maybe it was their charm, or maybe it was their contagious energy, but no matter what it was it could not be denied that these TiPsters would go down in TiPstory. Below you'll find a list of the coolest 2nd years ever and what they're famous for. (Note- some are from East Term II 2010)

The Girls

Alex O'Brion Could always be found with Luis

Alyssa Schubert If you want a good friend that will really care about you, make friends with Alyssa. I know she's an amazing friend because she really showed she cared about her friend,Grace when she warded off people who might poetintially bother Grace when something was wrong :D... true dat (love grace)

Amaryst Parks Amayst was super cool and she owns the best eye drops ever.Oh and I have to say if we had given awards for the best crossdresser on WASW I would've voted for you because of your awesome beard.

Charlotte Johnston Charlotte is so easy to be friends with! She's super sweet and totally friendly. Whenever you just need to chat find charlotte! She's easy to talk to!

Corinne Wilkinson Corinne is too cute! She was one of the funnest dancers at the dances!

Grace Dansby Grace was one the nicest girls you could ever meet at TiP! Even when she lost her voice at camp she was still full of spirit,just like an awesome cheerleader should be. Grace was the best chorographer i've ever met!

Jackie Keaton Jackie was the absolute most amazing 2nd year to ever grace the halls of alspaugh! dance parties, trials, spencer, puppies, steveo, the food box, stuffing, loud (in a good way), happy, dont call her by her full name.

Kate Gibson Katie-Ku is the resident snack lady ;) She's the queen of organic and since she's from Austin she has the oppurtunity to visit the original whole foods which is three stories high!Oh and if that's not amazing enough she has been known to burst into song any time,any place. Her favorites? The Lion King!&& ur gonna love her huge doll-like eyes! She is totally beautiful and permanently happy, obbsesed with yoga, and was definitely in a relationtip with Charlie Krumholz, but don't tell her I said that ;P

Lucy Lansing Lucy-Lu is the triple threat of the group. She can dance, she can sing, and she can play the piano. If you ever see this girl in action you better get her autograph while you still can because this girl is going places.

Maggie Finn Maggie-Moo is the cutest most bubbly girl you'll ever meet! She's fun and she's guarenteed to bring a smile to you're face!

Marisa Mariencheck Marisa Moo is the best person ever. She has the cutest little accent and you'll fall in love with the way she always says hun. She's the cutest, funniest, and sweetest country bumpkin you'll ever meet! If you ever wanted to steal some oreos, she's the one to go to!

Maya Sawla Maya is the tiniest girl you'll ever see at TiP and everyone loves her! If her shoe ever breaks you'll never see her hobbling around because who could turn down the oppurtunity to give this doll sized cutie a piggy-back ride? No one && if you wanna pack her in your suitecase and take her home you better do it fast before someone else does it first! Commonly known for yelling, "OH SHOOT MUFFINS!!"

Nicole Kim Nicollette got her nickname fro a certain TiPster who felt the need to name all her ragmates. The lette part refers to her littleness :). Nicole can often be found caring her beating heart, no not on her sleeve, but in her hand. In a relationtip with Andrew Lee, but she also had a boyfriend back home--scandalous! ;)

Rebecca Skolnick Becca was famous for her guitar playing skills, wwhich were pretty dang awesome! I would have loved to see her and Sean battle it out, but alas there was no battle. Becca I hope next year you get your AC so you don't have to move around :(

Sarah Hendrix Sarah was only one of the many Sara(h)'s to attend TiP, but she definately stood out! I have to say she made the best Ninja disguised as a pirate ever! She also does an amazing baby impersonation, and is one of the kindest people i've ever met!

Sarah Stebbins Yet another Sarah to grace the Alspaugh halls, she had great style and i've gotta say the best earrings ever! For some strange reason she always looked amazing in the pictures even if everyone else looked blah :p It's because shes just that awesome!

Summer Sterling The coolest vegan to ever come 2 tip and the creator of this webpage. the nicest person youll ever meet. She's also the creator of the line " I want to embed myself in you the way a gardner embeds his seed in the soil."

Supriya Mazumdor Sushi was definately the fashionista! You could barely ever find her in anything besides heel's and skirts. By the way, she made the best Hannah Montanna ever!

Vanshika Balayan Chica was so happy almost all the time bcuz she loves tip so darn much! I never understood your obssesion with the stairs, but let's keep that a secret from those who don't already know. She always got plenty of exercise.Chica's diet at TiP most often consisted of ice cream cones minus the ice cream and apples && She rocked those lime green glasses (that Chris wore more than her!), i'm just saying. She also enjoyed talking on the phone iin the halls while pacing!PS: This description wouldn't have been possible without the help of Marisa (Marisa, I luv u~Chica, Summer I luv u too) ;)

The Guys

Calvin Bilder Think the sweetest guy you'll ever meet and you get Calvin! Calvin has another half and That's Jackson(you'll see him later). Calvin's super easy to love, but so are all the tipsters on this list! He's mega funny and you'll only understand once you meet him.

Charlie Krumholz Some people call him The Big Cheese and others have called him Charlie Finger, but whatever you want to call him it can't be denied how adorable he is. It doesn't take much to make him blush and someone who's famous for doing it is Summer in fact some might say embarrassing Charlie was her sole reason for inventing her famous line ;) Charlie has been known to bite fingers so watch out! He was definitely crushing on our little miss Katie Gibson. ...Kate. whatever.

Chris Drawdy Chris or as some like to call him, fat rat.He's very protective of his hats and there's only two things he's likely to trade his hats for: a hoody in the rain,lime green sunglasses, or a bra for his sock boobs.

Christian Krueger Christian is also known as Unicorn boi because his school mascot is the unicorn and he wore one of his school shirts on the first day of TIP. He's the most amazing recycling bin jumper you'll ever see. He's a total athlete and he's awesome at ultimate which is of course the TiP sport.

Gino Gyno, G-baby, etc. You'll never know what to call him with all the nicknames he's got so I suppose you should just make up your own and hope he responds. You're gonna love his spikey hair, but if you ever see it unspikey you'll have to do a double take, i swear.

Jack Warman Jack is super tall and has the softest hair ever! The best thing about Jack is his awesome hugs! I swear he could sell his hugs for like fifty bucks a pop!

Jackson Cacioppo Jackson is the funny guy! Just listen to some of the stuff he says or watch him for a second and you'll get the giggles. Jackson's gonna be famous one day for his roles as the awkward guy in films :D

James Walker Recognizable by his long hair and frisbee skills, James is hilarious especially if you happen to hear him while he's in the shower. In a relationtip with Lucy Lansing. They were like totally making out man!!!

Joe Coq I'm pretty sure the name explains it all.Coq's got the curliest hair and it's pretty dang awesome,and btw he can totally rock a striped pink tank top :D

Josh Heller Josh has amazing eyes, no they aren't different colors like pierce's, but they're probably the prettiest eyes you'll ever see on a guy, at least according to Chica. Josh also has an amazing puppy dog face! Josh is totally fun to talk to and he's a hyper chatter. In a relationtip with Marisa Mariencheck.

Liam Foskett Liam is widely known for his sandal tan :D Rumour has it he's addicted to sandals and it's true you can't really rock his socks off because he doesn't wear any. He plays the most amazing song ever on the piano, i swear that song gives me butterflies. In a relationtip with Maya Sawla. Ps: This page was Liam's idea.

Luis Nario-Malberg If you loose track of Luis just wait until its world cup time and you"ll find him.

Pierce Gleeson He's got the most awesome eyes ever, one's blue and the other's brown! It's not surprising his parents named him pierce what with his piercing eyes.

Sam Anoff Sam is just a big ball of energy and you can't rain on his parade very easily. If there's one person that can cheer you up it'd be Sam! In a relationtip with Rebecca Skolnick.