The NonTiPster Dilemma

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NONTIPSTERS -All those who have never gone to TiP, never heard of TiP, and/or do not have any connection through another friend with TiP.

TiPsters often run into problems with others of their own age who....are sadly misinformed of the amazing and life-changing experience of Duke TiP. It is so hard for Tipsters to believe that someone does not know the lyrics to American Pie, or does not understand how one could possibly engage in such active and close boyfriend/girlfriend relationships (more commonly known as relationtips) at a three week summer camp. And of course, the ultimate offense: 'Why the heck would you want to take a class over summer?!?!?!?!?!?!!'

Many explanations have been given over the years, such as:

  • It's not as bad as you think.
  • The classes aren't like normal classes. They're fun!
  • It's a nerd camp. I'm a nerd, you're not.
  • It's more than just classes. You create memories and friendships that last a lifetime!

The problem with these explanations is that they make Duke TiP sound like any other summer camp. Or even more like a summer school for smart kids. But TiP is SOOOO much more than that!

So the question is.... 'how can TiPsters accurately and efficiently explain TiP to nontipsters?

The best explanation is as follows: Duke TiP is a place where the most intelligent kids in America between seventh and tenth grade can come together to enjoy a noncompetitive, mind-broadening, neuron-connecting educational experience with others just like them--the ultimate Nerd Camp. A COOL Nerd Camp. This camp does not only contain classes. There are also evening activities that can involve games, sports, and academics, and other activities on the weekends such as dances, sport tournaments (especially Ultimate Frisbee-the Ultimate Nerd Sport ((besides Chess and Star Trek trivia)) ), and field events. This camp provides a taste of the college life, as students are able to live in dormitories on campus, and have access to real classrooms, libraries, and cafeterias at Duke University and other TiP-sponsored colleges throughout the United States. Overall, Duke TiP is one of the best experiences a bright young student could ever have, one that accommodates his/her academic and social abilities, allowing him/her to interact with and learn from peers who appreciate the value of learning.

The aforementioned breakdown of Duke TiP is a very accurate and easy way to explain TiP to nontipsters, especially adults who will be interested in hearing about it. As for other kids of the same age.... if they have no empathy whatsoever with the awesomeness of education...... sorry, but all I can say is good luck.

This is precisely the reason why TiPsters enjoy a close and extensive connection with other TiPsters, even after their eligibility to attend has expired. The emotional connection that passes from TiPster to TiPster is a reminder that the only people who could possibly understand how amazing Duke TiP is, are those who have experienced it alongside yourself. And this, more than anything else, is a comfort when a TiPster encounters a nontipster. All he/she has to do is remember that he/she is a part of a family. And a family of geniuses are always in sync, not separated by distance or time, especially those well practiced in telepathy. All forms of mind-reading aside, TiPsters understand other TiPsters, and the unfortunate truth is evident. Nontipsters will never understand Duke TiP, no matter how hard a TiPster attempts to explain it.

This is why Duke TiP is a special and magical place. A unique place. A nerd refuge. And no one else will ever understand its magnificence, its beauty, its power, its impact.