The Orifices

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One night during East Term 1, 2010, an evening activity was offered called Rock 'n' Roll Trivia. This was a fairly average activity, but the combination of tipsters that ended up in this activity was entirely unique. When it was made clear that groups of no more than 6 tipsters each should be formed, a group of at least 11 banded together and became known as "The Orifices". This group was determined to make its presence in the room known. Between rounds when teams traded answer sheets to check each other, The Orifices did not once fail to return a sheet that had been severely chewed, licked, and ripped. There was also very much licking during the rounds. At the end of the activity when the winner was announced, the Orifices unfortunately had not fared well. They urged Izzy to announce the runner-up, then third place team, and so on until The Orifices were recognized. Izzy's response was as follows: The Orifices? That's gross, you guys.