The Other Guys

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The Other Guys was a super crunk ultimate frisbee team made at Duke West term II, 2010. Crunchy TiPster Seth Ruiz decided to put up a sign-up on his RC Steven's door. The result was the 4th best ultimate team on campus, to be exact. Bitches.

2010 Roster

    • Seth Ruiz (Captain)
    • Greg Wagner (Co-Captain)
    • Levi Huang (Co-Captain)
    • Colin Olson
    • Christopher Olson
    • Josh Yandell
    • Jess LoVerde
    • Fiona Shauger
    • Taylor Thompson
    • Lil' Dick
    • Weatherly "Pimpin" Langsett
    • Jandro Levcovitz
    • There was one other person, but I forgot
    • One of the Bing Bong Brothers

    • That Jake kid


Colin was pretty much the only dude left who decided that the Other Guys needed to come back and kick some serious tail, mofos. He got the most socially awkward (EDIT: jk there are some others who would take the cake for that one...), worst frisbee playing (EDIT: again, there are still more who would be better than us at being worst...) TiPsters on West 2 and created, a la Frankenstein, the nastiest, worst ultimate team on campus. Again. Working under the mantra "We have a reputation to uphold" they valiantly lost against the Team Team in round one with a close score of 1-11 but the Team Team bribed the refs, and it ended up as 0-11. They then almost faced HAW, but neither team really cared, so they agreed that the Other Guys lost, keeping up their noble tradition of being the best at being the worst.


2011 roster

    • Colin "" Olson (Captain)
    • Josh Yandell (Assistant to the Captain)
    • Carsten "that awesome guy" Bryant (Motivational Leader)
    • Patrick Povanelli
    • Sean Weasley (Team Captain-in-Training)
    • Lyn
    • Elizabeth Snyderman
    • Abby Nolen
    • Divya (Honorary member)
    • Brianna
    • The other bing bong brother