The Pantstitution

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The Pantstitution was a "constitution" for Alex's Outlaws, the Kansas I '06 RC group. Although I was not personally part of that R.C. group, I am honored to have a copy of The Pantstitution.

It reads as follows;

The Pantstitution

Every meeting Alex's RC group has, will utilize the "No Pants" rule
-Starting Sunday, June 18th
-effective at meetings start
-ajourned at meetings end


  • Ammendment 1: You are exempt expelled from meeting for wearing:

-tighty whities
-man thongs

  • Ammendment 2: All underwear must be CLEAN:

-no spots

It was then signed by all members of the group:

in no specific order- RC Alex Herman, Jack Tilka, Tommy Talmage, Justin Toomer, Yann Bovet, Ben Peters, Sky Kurlbaum, Stephen Slocum, Michael Givens, Kevin Song, Chris Peterson, Kevin Johnson, Sam Eden.

Apparently, there was another ammendment made. This was written after my copy was made, but I'm told it went something like this:

Ammendment 3: No other R.C. group can copy in any way, shape, or form The Pantstitution, except for the group of 9S Girls.