The Party in Room 319

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On the last night of East Term 1 2019, Katherine N and her roommate Maddie Peronto decided to sneak people into their room. It started out with approximately five to nine people. Around 2:15 am, people began to try to sneak out, but there were RCs everywhere. It was a madhouse, the group chat was a flying with messages, where RC were, what was clear, and where the god forbidden Christian was. There was a sense of anticipation growing throughout the individual rooms of Bassett. This, this would be our final hurrah, our reckless farewell to the glory that is TIP. Around 2:45, the first group of kids on the third floor made a run for it and made it safely. The first round consisted of girls who too, resided on the 3rd floor. They bolted into room 319 at a fiery pase with life ablaze in their eyes. It had begun. Before Katherine and Maddie knew it, their room was graced by the presence of tipsters from all walks of life, the room was filling and crowded. Packed like sardines in a can, the heat was rising. At the maximum, 27 Tipsters were stuffed into the box that was 319. With temperatures rising, a portion of tipsters departed, to lawlessly wander the halls, room bouncing until the Great Stairwell Bust. Back in 319, Maddie and Katherine were reveling in the glory of their success. Until 4 am struck, and the group chat was once again ablaze, this time with warning. The RCs were on their way to 319 as they spoke. The 18 or so people remaining attempted to shove themselves into the two closets of 319 with no success. Then came the knocks. Katherine answered the door to 7 RCs and RHLs outside. "Go back to your room or go to the office," one said. Frantically, the party left the room. What the RCs were unaware of was the sheer magnitude of people crammed into the room. Like clowns exiting a car, one tipster after the next ran from the room to the RCs increasing shock. Dare we say, we impressed them with the conquest. The escape was documented by RC Chris and the pure shock and awe displayed by every RCs at our success was evident. Maddie and Katherine faced no repercussions, and they would go down in history for hosting and executing one of the largest tipster and most glorious rebellions. Here lies the legend of room 319.