The Paul Leary Fan Club

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The Name

A Subject of Much Controversy

As many TIPsters may know, the class (wrongly) titled "From Bach to Rock" was offered at Duke East Campus for the first term of summer 2012. Since the class name and description were not completely valid, we took it upon ourselves as a rebellious and rage-y group to rename ourselves "Music and Stuff" on our class tee shirt. Later, due to the cult following that had developed, the class also began calling itself "The Paul Leary Fan Club", though by this time it was indeed too late to place this noble moniker upon our lovely, Paul-themed tee shirts. To this day, and likely every day for the rest of our TIPtastic lives, Paul's minions communicate with him on "The Paul Leary Fan Club" Facebook page. Visit, if you dare ---> [[1]]

The Minions

Devoted followers of Paul, Paul, everything Paul, and RAGE FITS

Listed by year, as proper society dictates

Fourth Years

  1. Zoe Canaras
  2. Michelle Hill
  3. Avery Owings
  4. Rebecca Skolnick
  5. Kelsey Talty

Third Years

  1. Anna Borgert
  2. Alexa Chang
  3. Joshua Joo
  4. Olivia Savage

Second Years

  1. Hunter Corrin
  2. Keely Davis
  3. Kirsten Floyd
  4. Lazar Ilic
  5. Marci Sessions
  6. Hal Terry
  7. Kyle Verhaeg
  8. David Zhao

The Leaders

They led. 'Nuff said

  • Fearless instructor and cat lover extraordinaire- PAUL LEARY
  • Semi-fearless teaching assistant and half of Jedward(<3)- Julie Dale
  • Usually silent and always amused spectator- Jackie Powel


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The Tee Shirt; The Term Book Page: Also Subjects of Much Controversy

The original tee shirt design featured Paul's face with "Get That Biker Bod" below, along with his tattoo on the left sleeve (for a long-sleeve tee shirt) Both were Michelle Hill's ideas. However, the phrase Get That Biker Bod (aka GTBB) was unapproved and changed to "Acquire That Cyclist Physique," but that too was unapproved for being about an instructor even though we are promoting fitness. It was later found out that the tattoo could not be printed all the way around the sleeve and was therefore also removed and the shirts were made short sleeve. Nonetheless, our class shirt was the best od the term hands down.

In an act of rebellion against the tee shirt incident(s), the First Amendment was put in the background of the term book page. The right to design our own tee shirts was added in but was later changed to the right to self-expression because Paul is a chickenwuss.