The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire

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The Pen as Weapon: The Art of Satire was an introductory course in how to consume and produce satire. The class consisted of:

  • Second Years
    • Max - Least likely to start a nuclear war
    • Audrey - Least likely to laugh
    • Harper L. - Least likely to participate in a debate
  • Third Years
    • Maggie - Least likely to get married
    • Jordan - Least likely to be sass-tastic
    • Gillian - Least likely to be least likely
    • Harper C. - Least likely to own a pet
    • Faith - Least likely to be a cereal (not serial) killer
    • Lydia - Least likely to eat ALL the cookies
    • Brady - Least likely to remember your name
    • Attica - Least likely to transform into a creature of pure, undiluted evil
    • Elizabeth - Least likely to silently judge you (or is she?????)
    • Tiffany - Least likely to change the world of fashion
    • Morgan - Least likely to start a feminist movement
  • Fourth Years
    • Evan - Least likely to be a cheerleader
    • Nadia - Least likely to be successful
    • Jino - Least likely to sell your soul
    • James - Least likely to use a protractor
  • Kelly (TA) - Least likely to read Candide
  • Blakely (Instructor) - Least likely to know how to spel
  • Antoine (Brady's backpack baby) - Least likely to be a Dark Overlord

The class learned the difference between juvenalian and horatian satire through analysis of various texts and medias. They read Candide, Dave Barry, Lysistrata, etc. and watched Company, Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, etc. They also performed scenes of Lysistrata in front of Neuropysch and practiced improv. Their creative projects included analysis of contemporary sitcoms, creation of their own Modest Proposals, and their final which allowed them to create or comment on satire.

Antoine, or alternatively Antwon, was a plastic baby that Brady carried from place to place in his backpack. The dark lord became a much revered figure, even earning a place on the class' T-shirt. The strange sight drew much concern, confusion, and commentary from both the class and bystanders.

Arguably the best day of the class was the last. After finishing final presentations, the class traveled to the student union. There, they bonded, exchanged social media and phone numbers, and joked around.