The Pink Flamingo Branch of the Phrench Mafia

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The Pink Flamingo Branch of the Phrench Mafia is one of the better know RAG's to grace TIP, composed of some of the hottest, craziest, smartest and in general all-together raddest girls ever to come to TIP. Began at Davidson, Term 2 '04 the Mafia was well known for its fierce leader, (L) its skill at stealing pants, its hall song (Fall in Love with the '80's) and ability to catch the attention of males everywhere. The most famous member of the Pink Flamingo's is Jesus aka Alexis Chaney. Other members include: Maggie (founder of Asian Posse), Savannah, Jen, Mary Ellen, Jessica (aka Archie), Caitlin (aka Max), Alex (aka Sasha), Jackie, Helen (aka Scotty), Juhee, and Christina. The Pink Flamingo's will forever live on in TIP history.