The Pink Shirt

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The Pink Shirt is a tradition at East Term 1 beginning in 2011. The shirt itself, a youth XL undershirt, is the result of a freak tyedye accident that took place at Davidson Term 2 2008 in Christopher's RAG. The owner of the shirt, Harrison, brought the shirt back every year to TIP. By his 4th year, the shirt commanded him much respect (or necessary attention). After much thought, however, since it was not socially acceptable to wear the shirt in the "real" world, the shirt was passed down to represent confidence in a rising 4th year who would not only wear it proudly, but look good while doing it too. It can serve as a blue shirt for quadfest, or any shirt color for NOT pentaforce (like a wild card in UNO). It should also be worn when anything athletic, such as ultimate (this falls into the belief that you do not have to be the best player, but the best looking one), or anything sensual, like tipsync or a dance, needs to be done. The wearer of the shirt receives many complaints from staff, but many promiscuous looks from the girls (and some guys). When handed down, the shirt must be removed on stage and put on by the successor, thus rendering them both shirtless at one point in front of the whole camp, staff, and directors. To be politically correct, it is not out of the realm of possibilities for a girl to get it, but c'mon. Let's be real.

Year Wearer
2011 Harrison
2012 Richard Hays
2013 George Gallagher
2014 Liam N.
2015 Matt Menzel
2016 Jake Fitzgerald
2017 Oliver Hewitt/David Lucid
2018 Jake Polansky/Tristan Stock
2019 Connor Deagle
2020 Nikolas Malek