The Realm of the Fangirls

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The Realm of the Fangirls is the nickname for the room of Rayna Ohlson and Jessica Bonnen, who were on the second floor of Austin College in Term II 2014. The room was given the name when the pair discovered their shared love for various bands, YouTubers and Viners. After Jessica made a poster to hang on the door reading "Welcome to the Realm of the Fangirls" the room was officially christened by that name. Other posters hanging on the walls were a "Grumpy Cat" poster, that obviously watched the pair sleep, and a galactic llama that Jessica had drawn in 2012. Both were held with pride.


Jessica Bonnen

Jessica was a first-year in 2014 but plans to return until she is at least fifty. or fifty one. She has a love for coffee and Monster, and claims to be the love child of Daniel Howell and Philip Lester, and has an undying love for both her fathers. In a creepy way. She also owns a shirt with space and cats on it, and is in a long-distance relationTIP turned relationship with Carson (caressica).

Rayna Ohlson

Rayna is the biggest Vine fan you will ever see, and looked like a jerk on her first day because she was texting Matt Espinosa. She sometimes wears glasses and is the best little skittle you will ever see. She also was cursed with a giant party on the last day of Tip, with a total of fourteen pizzas ordered in her name. She will be remembered for her reaction to caffeine.

The Fandom Incidents

In the last week of TiP there was a supposed gas leak near Yarelhdi's RAG, as weird crap went on. First, three of the girls opened a window and made a nature documentary concerning the Ultimate Frisbee players outside, some of their documenting including:

He smells like a mixture of feces and rattlesnake venom. He will not find a mate, and will not survive the long, cold, winter months.

The Hanging of the Pig

Near the middle of Week III, on the RC's day off, a stuffed pig was discovered hanging from the ceiling by a belt after free time, with a sign reading "The Chamber of Secrets has Opened". No one knows how it got there or why, but it was left there until RC Yareldhi's return, when she demanded it be taken down because it was "A fire hazard".

The Johnlock Re-Enactments

While practicing for TiPSync, some very unTiPpropriate "JohnLock" re-enactments went on, involving quotes of, "I want to touch your testicles John," and, "Come here John!" There was much sexual tension in those last few days.

Spirited Away

On the first night the group watched "Spirited Away" on their counselor's small TV. They immediately took to changing the names of nearly every character and yelling at Haku to stop trying to rape the main character, a young girl.


Haku was renamed "Corporal Levi", and it was often shouted at him to "not touch our little Chihiro!" It was also commented that he was much hotter as a dragon.


No-Face was renamed Legs, and was also interested in doing non-TiPpropriate things to little Chihiro.