The Road Frisbee Incident

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The Road Frisbee Incident occurred in the first week of the Term 2 Rice Course in 2016. During a leisurely evening activity of ultimate frisbee, a pass to Neal "Coach" Hamilton sailed too high for him and ended up in the road. He sprinted into the road for it, oblivious to the car coming down the road less than 10 feet away. The Chevy was forced to slam on the brakes, narrowly missing the second year as he picked up the frisbee. The rest of the game was abruptly called off as some of the RCs went scrambling to apologize to the driver, but Neal received much applause from the rest of the TIPsters.

This incident prompted a camp-wide joke, that whenever walking by a road with a car speeding down it, someone would say, "Neal, there's a frisbee in the road."