The Rob Incident

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At Davidson term 1 2013, the psychology TA was named Robert Edmiston. During week two, he was teaching about Linguistics, and presented a powerpoint that argued that severely autistic people are not technically 'people' because they can't effectively communicate. This basically caused a general uproar from the entire class in response, and even the teacher, Margaret Bates, was pissed af. Maggie left the room crying, haylee started yelling at Rob, Margaret flipped, and Jenny defended Rob because she wanted to suck his dick.

The entire class had just written Rob an apology letter after what had happened the evening study the previous night, when the entire class played red desk green desk... So everyone was doubly pissed, because it just showed what a huge dick Rob was.

Mrs Margaret ended up having to call a bunch of parents and staff people, and 'handle' the whole situation.

Rob was never hired as a TIP staffer again.