The Sand Crab of Destiny

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The Sand Crab of Destiny will one day rise up and rule over us all. Given to Sarah's RC group at Austin College Term 2 2012 by Patrick (aka Patwick the snowman) for their performance of I'll Make A Man Out Of You, the Sand Crab of Destiny is a green sand crab with all of the power ever. He was given at the end of that term to Katy Swiere, who has taken very good care of him. He lived on her nightstand for two years. During TAMU term 1 2013, he stayed behind due to an illness that prohibited him from accompanying Katy to TIP. Nevertheless, his legacy lived on during that term also. The amulet of the sand crab of destiny was worn by Harrison Baker, and worshipped by many. The Sand Crab accompanied Katy to Rice University in 2014, and was passed on the Abby Metcalf, aka The Unicorn, one of her fellow triplets. At the Metcalf's home, he will continue ruling over everything. Including sickness and everyone's mothers.The Sand Crab in its natural habitat