The Secret Six

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The Secret Six is an organization/squad which was founded at Duke East Term 1 2017. (May be referred to as the 6 or BS)

Founding Members of the 6 include: Alexis Williamson (4), RJ "Russ" Williams (4), Isaiah Wright (3), Reese McMullen (2), Camille Steve (4), and Ayo (4).

Honorary Members of the 6 include: Ben Hetherington (4), Nicole (RC)

Members after 2017:

Accomplishments of members while at TIP:

-Watercolors/Student vs Staff Captain - RJ

-Q-hat relic - RJ

-Dream Team Member - Ayo

-Watercolors Member - Reese

() = year of member when joined

Some requirements of the 6:

-Don't mess up the handshake. EVER.
-Embrace the B.S.
-All guy members must be no more than a solid 5. 
-Show up to at least one 3rd floor Alspaugh pizza party (break rules by going behind Alspaugh at 9:40 to get pizza from delivery man)