The Shadow Council

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the Shadow Council is a group of girls (and one male "protector") that formed during the Davidson 2013 term I dances. The ultimate goal of the Shadow Council is to protect it's members from the evils of being forced to dance with boys. To defend its members, the Shadow Council collectively hisses at any males before they can ask any of its members to dance. This has the advantage of not really saying "no" to the boy, and encourages the boy to never return to the corner where the Shadow Council resides.

Shadow Council members also have alternative "Shadow Names"

Cecilia - Umbrae

Delaney - Ophelia

Shadow Council members spent their time at the dances talking, napping, and just generally having a good time.

The Shadow Council offered many different services for it's members, including, but not limited to:

Bass protection: for those who the loud dance music was giving a headache. bass protection recipiants had a special spot where the music was the softest.

Hiding: for those who were hiding from someone (typically a date). Hiding recipients were placed behind everyone else, and if they spotted who they were hiding from, members would shied them with their bodies.

Nap: for those who were tired from dancing or avoiding it. The nap spot is next to the plush, comfortable curtain next to the wall.