The Showerman

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About the Showerman

The Showerman is a TiP icon at Trinity. It is a relatively new tradition, started by Hannah's RAG (but later spread) in Term 1 2012.

Origin of The Showerman

On the first night at Trinity, an occupant of room 320 was woken up when someone walked into her bathroom and took a shower at 2:00 in the morning. She was terrified, and in the morning discovered that her suitemates and roommates had also heard the midnight shower-taker. She then dubbed him "The Showerman," although he/she's gender is still unknown. The legend of the Showerman continued to grow as every room in Hannah's RAG was struck. Some other groups also claimed to have heard the Showerman but this is unconfirmed.

The Showerman's History

For the rest of camp, Hannah's girls blamed everything on the Showerman, including the astonishing number of injuries the girls unfortunately got. These ranged from a concussion to knee and foot injuries to painful stomach-related sicknesses. Their RAG had the record number of med clinic visits.

At this term, an annoying habit was also started where when some poor TiPster dropped a plate in Mabee dining hall, many other TiPsters would applaud loudly. This made the RCs so angry that a few times they resorted to standing on chairs and screaming at the TiPsters to stop. This habit escalated during a movie night in the atrium. Whenever something good happened in te movie, some TiPsters would applaud. Like the Third-Person speak, which continued here, the clapping ticked off the RCs so much that they sent all the TiPsters to bed early that night. Of course, the Showerman was blamed for everything.

By about the end of the first week of camp, almost all the RCs and other TiP staff knew about the Showerman. They even attempted to use him to try and scare Hannah's RAG many times. Hannah's RAG suspected that they were jealous.

Also, it is rumoured that during the Dress up Your RC activity Hannah was in fact dressed as the Showerman, but none of her RAG admitted this to anyone outside.

Identity of the Showerman

To this day, no one knows the Showerman's true identity. The TiP staff provided no help in this area: They were constantly contradicting themselves by one day threatening TIPsters with the Showreman and denying his existence the next day.

Hannah at one point claimed to be the Showerman, but her RAG refused to believe her somewhat suspicious story. However, Hannah was accidentally mistaken for the Showerman(in one case leading to injury) multiple times.

The Showerman's Future

Additionally, some of the RCs planned to pass on the Showerman's legacy to worthy TiPsters. Or, scare "rowdy" TiPsters by threatening to tell the Showerman to visit his/her room. The Showerman was kind of like an evil Santa Claus to the TiP Staff--they seemingly had a mysterious relationship with him.

After camp ended, it is rumoured that the Showerman followed some of Hannah's RAG on vacation, but eventually gave up and came back to haunt Term 2 at Trinity. However, the Showerman's presence in Term 2 has not been confirmed. The Showerman is suspected to move to one of the Duke campuses in 2013 to haunt the members of Hannah's RAG who plan to go there.

Any Trinity TiPsters with stories/facts about the Showerman, please add them.