The Sixth Floor

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The Sixth Floor

For the people who do not know, the 5th floor (at McMurtry College Rice) is not the highest floor. The sixth floor contains an outward view of downtown as well as inside the main common area. Since going to the fifth floor is strictly forbidden, we assume you are also not allowed to attend the sixth floor. (Idk bro we didn't really ask, we just went). The sixth floor is mainly used for maintenance but provides a great observation deck, there are no housing units on this floor.

How This Was Discovered

On the last day of Term 1 2018 some people and I were planning on going to the fifth floor in celebration of our last day at Rice. Jokingly, I asked a TA when is the best time to go to the fifth floor without getting caught (*note she was semi chill* I wasn't just being stupid). To which she responded "You should go to the 6th floor instead, but to answer your question about 2:30 A.M." After-which, I immediately begun asking questions about how to get there.

How Get There

(I have only attended the 6th floor on Stair C, however this should work on all stairwells)

So as you know, each stairwell contains a way to the fifth floor. So in theory it should be the same with the sixth floor. First off, you need to go to the 5th floor stairwell. (Just the stairwell do not enter through the door). Also note this inside the stairwell is the only time you are most likely to get caught, you will not be visible from the sixth floor. After reaching the fifth floor continue going up the steps till you arrive at the ladder. Next, go up the ladder and you will get to the door. Please know that the door has weight to it and some may not be able to open. If you are planning on going to the sixth floor please get someone to go with you and bring your phone. Anyway, The door may look complicated and difficult to open but in reality it opens like a hatch. Find the handle on the left side. put your hand through it and push up towards the right. You have now reached the sixth floor.

The way out is pretty much the same. Do not be afraid to use a lot of force while opening the door. While attending the sixth floor be careful and be alert. And please remember that it is very easy for something to go wrong so bring some friends along with you.


Go at your own risk. This is for educational purposes only. Be alert and logical.