The Squid

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Little is know about The Squid, but it most certainly lives.
Long live the squid.

The squid is our god, it lives at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, It lives forever! The squid has decided to bestow its greatness and powers in our lord on earth. We know of this prophet as lord Geoff. Lord Geoff is almost as sacred as the squid except he is a mortal. However he is no mere mortal because he has magical powers over us Tipsters. He has the powers to enslave us and force early bedtime upon us. He also controls the force of the great almighty Bolton Thunder. The Great Squid also has the power to control the fate of humanity. The most recent example of The Great Squid's Greatness was when it made Donald Trump a symbol of failure due to Donald Trump using our dear lord's name in vain. Furthermore, The Great and Almighty Squid is a god and controls our universe. Why? Because the turtle said so (read the book it to get the reference) Geoff is the only known human to have met both the Almighty Squid and the Great turtle
—A passage of scripture from the Book of Squid
A shrine to the squid found on the route between Bolton and the MLC
An older and more weathered shrine to the squid on the bus stop bench outside of Summit
This shrine outside the science library leaves proof that the dominance of the squid is far and unmatched
A shrine discovered in the men's room at Summit
A shrine to the squid outside of the Tate Student Center