The T-Unit

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The T-Unit Only the hypest rag from West T1 2019 Known for the late night raves, not getting caught, and throwing that ass back at tipsync RC T-the best RC ever. You definitely want her on your side. Mark Naslund- has a urinal with his name on it in the physics building Jim Hoskins- The banana himself, was never not dancing Monterious Knight- couldn’t keep his homies from being dumb Emilio Pedroza- the greatest lemur dad on the planet Alvin Hong- if he opened his mouth, you’d want to listen Matt Dalton- either reading or roasting people out of the blue Reese McMullen- never in his own room, no one really knows where he was ;) Alex Sandoval- always had at least 2 girls within 5 feet of him Chris Ostrow- always on that grind, threw a Rolex regularly Jonas Ellington- the Mr. Meme, always yelling at second years when they did dumb things