The Thomas Hat

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The Thomas Hat, originally owned by Thomas Klein, is a skater-esque hat which can be worn to channel your inner chillness. Thomas Klein was known for his laid back personality and was also notoriously known for being somewhat "artificially chill." In 2011, Thomas decided to pass on his black and green skater hat to a third year named Thomas who was also super chill and open to people. That Thomas (no last name, you may insert if you know it) couldn't find another Thomas that was social enough and awesome enough so he passed the hat down to a girl named Dani who fit the criteria. For the next two years the hat was passed on to girls who then wore the hat on Wear a Skirt Wednesday. It was then decided that the hat would be given to a girl who possessed the same chillness and openness to others as the original Thomas and that she would wear it on Wear What You Want Wednesday.

Year Owner
2011 Thomas Klein
2012 Thomas
2013 Dani
2014 Julie McLamb
2015 Katie Brandao
2016 Shannon Rogers
2017 Emily Gurgens
2018 Helen Emerson
2019 Audrey Goff
2020 Jordan Rein