The Three Musketeers

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The name of the group of former Rice Tipsters who crashed Rice Term 1 in 2015. The group consisted of Adrian Jimenez, Brandon Rieff, and Dakota Watson. During lunch on Friday June 19th 2015, staff and students were surprised by the trio. The staff was stunned by the appearance of these Tipster-aged looking strangers who had all the 4th years' attention. This was ahead of the prearranged time of 4 to meet at the student center. As the Tipsters left back for class, the onsite director approached the group asking if they were former Tipsters, as Brandon was wearing a 4th year lanyard with a TAMU card. This prompted a long conversation with the onsite director about TAMU and the operation of Rice that year. Surprisingly the director was chill with their presence, though the RC's become really on edge. The trio spent the day walking the Rice University campus, reminiscing about TiP memories from every campus they attended. This was decided by the group as a true show of loyalty to the family in TiP they had began. The day ended on a promise shared by the three to return as RC's together. All this was accomplished by two traits, extreme loyalty to those they loved, and having major balls to make their presence known.