The United Rag of Amiaca

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AKA Mia's RAG, from Duke West Term I 2013. Mia was definitely one of the best RCs of the term, and many a night was spent recounting her various TIP shenanigans and relationTIPs from her time at East. Her whole RAG knew she was destined to be with RC Duncan, affectionately known as Beduncadunk (spelling...?).


  • Maggie: Most graceful frisbee player
  • Gabrielle: Most likely to spend her life savings on Faygo
  • Sarah: Most likely to be a strong independent woman...with a turban
  • Geneva: Most hipster-liscious
  • : Best Ariel
  • Olivia: Most likely to win American Idol, America's Next Top Model, and So You Think You Can Dance in the same season
  • Jacklyn: Most country diva
  • Anisa: Sassiest pterodactyl
  • Natalie: Most likely to outrun the zombie apocalypse
  • Anna: Most likely to be an undercover MI6 agent
  • Sofia: Most likely to come to breakfast 15 minutes late with Starbucks
  • Tara: Most likely to have a pet teratoma
  • Mia: Most likely to marry the latte boy (if she doesn't marry Beduncadunk, that is...)