The Unknown

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The Unknown Gift is a gift at East Campus Term 1. An unknown 4th year gives the gift(unknown in shape) to an unknown 2nd year. Said unknown 2nd year shall then give it to another unknown 2nd year when he becomes a 4th year. Nobody knows what the Unknown gift looks like except for the unknown 4th and 2nd years that have recieved the gift. The holder of the unknown gift is not allowed to tell anyone that they have the unknown gift until after their 4th year but they are not forced to reveal the secret. The gift is passed down on the last night of TIP and must be passed on in the middle of the B. Duke quad. The gift is thought to have started in 1997. No former owner of the unknown gift has told anyone that they were the owner of the unknown gift except to the unknown 2nd year the bestowe the gift upon.

Current Holder:Unkown

Previous Holders: All Unknown

If you recieve this gift do not tell anyone!