The Wallabies

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About Us

Quite honestly the best RAG group in existence!

In the third week, one of our members, Manuela Martinez was in her dorm, speaking to a couple friends, while making Easy Mac. Of course, being the forgetful person she is, she managed to put it in the microwave without water. After about a minute, Kate Begley noticed that smoke had started spewing out of the bottom of the microwave. Noticing something was wrong, she opened the microwave to check on the Easy Mac. While we sat there laughing, looking at the half-melted, charred piece of Easy Mac container, we noticed that the fire alarms might be set off. Sure enough, a couple seconds later, the fire alarm started screeching and we all evacuated the dorms and lined up on the wall in the lounge, while our RC came out of her room to see what had happened and make sure we were all there. It also turns out that this particular day had been laundry day, and all of Manuela Martinez's clothing were laid on her bed, in direct reach of the sprinklers. Luckily enough, the sprinklers were heat-activated, instead of smoke-activated, so her clothing lived to see another day. The smoke eventually spread to the rest of the floor, causing everybody to live in a smoky environment for the next couple days. For that night, Manuela Martinez moved her mattress into another girl's room, Kate Begley, who she was connected to by a bathroom. The next night she moved back to her room. Ironically, the smoke cleared out of Manuela Martinez's room first, while the rest of her RAGmates and everyone on the floor had to spend longer in the smoke. She also almost had to pay for the microwave, but she managed to take the burn marks out of it by washing it. A couple days later, there was a fire drill, where everyone had to evacuate the building, many in their pijamas. As the story had already gotten around the camp by now, many people joked towards Manuela about "What had she burned this time?" This is the story of how Manuela Martinez became known as a fire-hazard. The End.

Our RC

Our RC was none other than the spectacular MDubbs! Mary Willoughby was strict, but if you didn't get on her bad side (which we didn't, 'cause we're awesome!), she was the best RC there can ever be!

Anybody else wanna put anything in?

Who We Are

  • Tanner Scheef
    • Most likely to be a Spirit Animal
  • Emma Gilleland
    • Most likely to forget one shoe
  • Manuela Martinez
    • Most likely to be a fire-hazard
  • Tia Sparks
    • Most likely to spot an orangutan
  • Lilly He
    • Most likely to cure cancer
  • Jordyn Scott
    • Most likely to rock a toga
  • Kate Begley
    • Most likely to swim with dolphins
  • Annemarie Cuccia
    • Most likely to trip up stairs
  • Anabelle Paulino
    • Most likely to create modern art
  • Caylee Weintraub
    • Most likely to enter a bunker
  • Krista Manche
    • Most likely to invent a new hairstyle
  • Katherine McVay
    • Most likely to fall in love with a poster