The black box

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The Black Box originated in Austin in 2007. It started when a tipster, who shall remain nameless for privacy reasons, killed himself. It had to remain secret for ten years before it was passed down on stage. A tipster from Austin named Erik recieved it in 2015. He passed it down to Colton Weaver. Erik killed himself in November of 2016. Everyone who has had it writes down their feelings about TIP and life, good or bad, puts it on a flash drive, and puts the flash drive in the Black Box.

Who Gets It

The most real tipster. The person who's not afraid to show their emotions, good or bad. It has not been east-exclusive in the past, but it is now.

Year Owner
2007 Anonymous
2008  ?
2009  ?
2010  ?
2011 Cameron Butler
2012 Graham Marien
2013 Jack Connely
2014 Adam Justice
2015 Erik Melendez
2016-18 Colton Weaver