The list of sexual orientation

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Wake Forest. Term II. 2017

The List Of Sexual Orientation is (you guessed it) a list of people's sexual orientation.

The original idea of the sexuality list came from a conversation a few tipsters and I had with TK. It all started with a question, "How many gays do ya'll think there are here?" So we looked around and saw TK at the top of the stairs, like half of her RC group was gay at the time, so we yelled at her "Hey TK! Who else here is gay?" which got a response of "I don't know! Do you all think I just have a list of everyone's name and their sexuality?" Well we were kinda hoping she did, but TK didn't, so after us and everyone else in the general area that wanted to gave our names, how we identify, and our sexuality, we went around asking the few people we knew to sign the list, eventually, we got a full page of people's names and sexuality. And this was the lovely creation of The List Of Sexual Orientation.