The paper airplane incident

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The Paper Airplane Incident

This incident happened at Trinity University 2016 first term was one of the worst situations that happened in a long time. What happened was some first year students threw 33 paper airplanes over their balconies into the street, and one had a terrorist message written on one. After Tip Sync, the On Site Director made the RC groups from the hall in which the planes were thrown from line up in the game room for a big interrogation. The On Site Director said "You guys are supposed to be the smartest in the nation yet you guys are acting like the worst of the worst". Everybody that was called out eventually came from One RC group, Sergio's, and this caused him to become extremely upset. There are suspicions of other TiPsters partaking in this action, but it cannot be proved. As consequence, their free time was taken away, they had no evening activities, and were always under constant monitoring, as well as having to read the code of conduct (3 pages) for 8 hours total. This did end two days later after writing apology letters.