The social hallway

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Where is the social hallway you ask? It is located where only the craziest, coolest, and yao mingest tipsters live and sleep: the second floor of belk hall.

What is the social hallway?

The social hallway is the prime location for tipsters of all genders and classes to meet up and chat, have guitar jam sessions, play ERS and Mao, and of course, block the hallway obnoxiously. This hallway is the only place where you can be loud and obnoxious without the RCs caring. You might rudely disturb the people in the rooms (i.e. Erica's RC Group) (i.e. Lindslay) but no one seems to care so wuteva!

Edit: It was actually really annoying, everyone would play cards and sit directly in front of my room so that I couldn't get in without stepping on someone's face. But, as I was too shy to say that, I'm going to revert to passive-aggressive comments on the TipWiki.

SH or Lounge

If you lived on the social hallway then you would know that the girls lounge is a pigstye with food on the ground and moist smells in the air. It is strictly forbidden to go in there for more than 23 min. and 47 seconds for a long time ago it is told that a girl caught ebola.

SH or die

If you don't want the social hallway then YOU CANT SIT WITH US!