The titans

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The Titans

The Titans was an ultimate team for Duke West Term 1 2014. It consisted of Abhinav Reddy, Charlie Brennan, Tomas Matzner, Adam burke, Nathan Freide, Julia Lasater, Andrew Flynh, Mukund Aasopuloti, Joel Kratt, Andy Lene, Coleman Davis, and captained by Christian Metoyer. It was a mostly 2nd year team. Black Magic`s "b" team (white witchcraft) joined the team. In the student tournament. In 2014, They played Black Magic, the team everybody expected to win. Black Magic beat the 4th year team (Office Sandpaper) 7-0. When the Titans played Black Magic they lost, 5-7. They are one of the more average teams in ultimate, and will be a "real" contender next year. People will always remember the Titans.

Update: They lost to Black Magic. Term 1 2016 will be when they actually take control. :P #RIPBLACKMAGIC2013-2015