The tree incident

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The tree incident refers to something that occured at Texas A&M, first term of 2011. During the second week of the term, some Tipsters decided to play a game of football on the quad outside Moses hall. The final play of the game, Tipster James Hutson of the Smash Brothers (see Smash Bros. page) goes out for a pass, which he catches after a little bobbling, only to slam head first into a tree.

After the head-tree contact, the Tipster was brought to the site office, where some confused RCs tried to put neosporin and ice onto his inch and a half cut. He was soon saved by Jonathan Hung, who happened to be his RC and driver to the hospital, where said Tipster had to wait two hours, covered in blood, until he could be seen to get eight stitches and told he had a concussion.

This Tipster will forever be remembered as "Scarface", "Treeface", "Harry Potter", and "George of the Jungle".