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Third Floor Brown

A magical three weeks occurred for the TIPsters of TIP East Term 1 living on the third floor of Brown. Some say it was the insane heat rising. Others simply say it was fate. Maybe it was in their ways of sharing everything from food to good times to saliva, if you know what I mean. It may remain a mystery, but it is certain that those TIPsters formed an amazing family bond that they can never lose. Known for their antics and shenanigans, they were always up to something crazy. Even past the legal hours, one could find one of the Third Floorers racing up and down the hall, breezing through on Sundays, piling in the middle of the hall during free times. These TIPsters are friends and really family forever.

How It Happened

No one knows. The RA's probably picked a few names from a list and decided that that would be that. But we all know it isn't so.

The TiP gods must have had something to do with such a blessing. Even members of Second Floor, dare we say Bassett, wanted a share of Third Floor Brown.

May prayers be said to the TiP gods.

The War

Winning All Resources

Points to control:

Water Fountains

Common room (downstairs)

Bottom of staircases Demilitarized zones:

Study room

Laundry room

Front entrance

Forts/Command centers:



The Womanly Women vs. The Manly Men

Each team is allowed two snipers. Snipers are the only people who can shoot all the way down a hall.

All objects are bulletproof.

Each team has a general. If the general is shot the the# opposing team can recover their lanyard for a point bonus.#

Whoever controls the most at 2am wins!

WF = 5 points

CR = 15 points

BS = 10 points

GL = 20 points

    • Pistol range = 1/4 of a hallway

Shot Policy:

If you are in the open + in range of a gun or if you were clearly shot (shots represented by finger guns and yelling POW or BANG) then you die until revived by a fellow teammate# or you crawl to a neutral or controlled area.

The War should be a tradition despite its stupidity. This event occurred on the last night. Some problems were encountered with the ninjas having a disadvantage for having to stab people and the manly men being manly men by not abiding by the rules. Sandwiches were to be made for the winners, but the confusing battles and justified women left the boys with a metaphorical midnight snack. Sandwiches are hereafter to be made on the first day of East Term I 2011 for the Manly Men, as per the agreement. Let it be known to all that the Womenly Women uphold their agreements, unlike the lesser sex.


There were quite a few TIPsters who heart-heart-hearted polygamy (creating the verb heart-heart-heart in the process). A studmuffin named Tim, who actually lived on the second floor and was a second-year, was a proud member of the family. All of the girls fell in love with his kind heart and not-too-Justin-Bieber-esque looks, and by the end of the term, he had thirteen wives. Tim’s polygamy became well-known among the other TIPsters fairly quickly. The first Friday night was Lip Sync, and he walked back to Brown with a line of eight girls arm-in-arm. They passed a bench full of fourth-years planning for TiPial Pursuit. Tim proudly declared to the seemingly superior fourth years, “This is how you do it, guys!”, quickly putting them in their place. Leenie and Victoria both claim the title of first wife, and have yet to resolve that dispute.

Other instances of polygamy were evident in the family. Many of Tim’s wives were also married to each other. Leenie and Kate were wifeys before they ever belonged to Tim, and Victoria and Annie married after TiP.

He was also well known after Quadfest as the "Cupcake Pimp", hosting three girls: Julianna Laseter (Strawberry), Alex Sullivan (Chocolate), and Kristen Bagley (Funfetti).



June 24th

Second Thursday of TiP Term One was possibly one of the best nights of TiP. Quite a few of the ladies of Lily and Izzy’s RAGs ventured off to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. The boys of AFT had their RAG night and Michael Jordan’s birthday. These TIPsters went to Ben & Jerry’s and consumed an entire Vermonster in under 5. After they came back, all of the TIPsters basically had a crazy night with too many pictures, couch piling, and lots and lots of adrenaline.

Not Important

“Let’s have a sleepover!” .... Or not: the tragic tale of a brilliant plan gone very, very wrong. TIPsters, don’t ever consider trying this on campus. The martyrs of this incident include two brave young souls, Thomas Klein and Michael Jordan, and their innocuous accomplices Harrison and Nick Mast.

On one fateful night of the second Saturday, the four TIPsters at the bottom half of the bottom third of the top quarter of the top percent planned a secret tryst in Nick and Harrison’s room. Little did they know the disastrous consequences or the implications of one cracked door.The events that would transpire that night sparked a terrible conflict between TIPsters and staff alike.

Notable Members


Irene Hsu

J.P. Smith

Joyce Zhang


Katherine McMillan

Leenie Baker

Michael Jordan

Michael Liu

Morgan Young

Nick Mast

Ruthie Landry

Sarah Sanbar

Thomas Klein

Victoria Ledford

Warren Mo

WooSung Choi

Timothy Shu

The Sullivan Twins


The RAGs


Izzy (Fizzily Izzily): Izzy’s RAG was the best RAG ever. Everyone loved each other and got along perfectly, just like the rest of the family. Some of their bonding may have to do with the fact that treats were almost always shared at the meetings and the “random Izzy question of the day.” One question Izzy often asked herself was, “How can I not get fired today?” These cool cats won an extra termbook page to which they added superlatives, Disney characters for each member, and their best quotes. Their RAG night events included Ben & Jerry’s, Lydia’s Birthday Party/Princess and the Frog, and RAG t-shirt decorating.

AFT (Andrew's First Time): “I see what you did there.” Also, "Andrew, can I have some tape?"