Third Whale

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The Third Whale Rule

The Third Whale Rule originated from Erin's RAG during Term 1 2014 at Duke West (Correction: this was actually something that was discovered by Gretchen Knaut, Nell Sandring-Weseman and Ellen McMullen at the Duke Marine Lab during their third year). The premise of the Rule is that whales can mate one of two ways, either vertically or horizontally. If they mate horizontally, there must be another male whale to hold up the mating whale that is on the bottom. On the RAG shirt for Erin's RAG, there was a whale on the front to represent this strange phenomena.

Third Whaling was used the same way as third-wheeling would be used in normal converstaion. The joke was originally only understood by Erin's RAG, but quickly spread to the other TiPsters on campus during West Term 1 2014.

Example: [1]